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Exim Group LLC is a procurement and technical services company focusing on petroleum products.  The corporation is headquartered in New York City, located on 48th Street and First Avenue across from the United Nations Headquarters building complex. Exim Group was formed in September 2003. Exim Group is a registered vendor for the United Nations, many international organizations, and also does business with selective clients worldwide. Its principals have many years of experience in petroleum/commodity trading, technical services, training, procurement, logistics and transportation. .

Exim Group LLC has strategic alliances with various refineries, suppliers, commercial, government, retail and wholesale fuel buyers.  Commercially, the company targets the construction, railroad, trucking, mining, and manufacturing industries as well as private fleets and utilities. In the public sector, we are both a contract and spot supplier to government agencies of all types. Our relationship strength also allows us to provide savings to hypermarkets, fuel jobbers, and other unbranded buyers.  In addition, the company has relationships with numerous product/commodity vendors and mining companies across the globe. Exim has agents in Brazil, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Russia, Philippines, USA, China and India.

Mr. T. Balasubramanian, CEO, has over 35 years of experience with international agencies and government organizations in petroleum product procurement, program management, logistics, and accounting. He has been actively involved in spot/contract commodity trading, and several mergers and acquisitions. Commodities include numerous types of Petroleum products, Sugar, Urea, and Iron Ore.

Mr. Ghandikota V. Aryama, President, is an electrical engineer. He has over 30 years of experience in senior management and technical positions, in project management, systems engineering, information technologies, telecommunications, power systems and real-time modeling and simulation systems. He previously worked for Agere Systems, Bell Labs Lucent Technologies, Telcordia/Bellcore, and Electronic Associates Inc. He has managed and conducted projects for government and commercial clients such as the United Nations, US Army MICOM, NASA, ABB, Lockheed Martin, University of Harbin, and Texas Instruments.  He has traveled extensively worldwide, and has developed strategic relationships with many petroleum product customers.


Mr. Ghandikota V. Manohar, Vice President, Marketing, has over 20 years of experience in the crude oil, fuels, and precious metals industries.

Mr. Parveen Sharma, Vice President, Travel, has over 25 years of experience in the petroleum logistics and transportation industry.

Exim Group LLC partners are professionals with many years of international experience. Our expertise spans two broad areas, products and services.  Traded commodities are principally those related to the petroleum industry, and range from feedstock, and blending stocks to finished products.  Due to the extensive experience with multiple private and government agencies by our principals, we have developed a vast portfolio of petroleum products, buyers and resellers.


Contact Information:

Exim Group LLC
10 W 46th Street, Suite 1401,
New York, NY 10036, USA
Phone: -  Bala
   -  Aryama
Email: tbala(at)eximgroupllc.com

Agent in United Arab Emirates:

Trufocuz Technologies
Mr. Joseph Thomas
#144 Al Fahad Building
Damascus Street
Qusais, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel    :  +971 4 2383 755

Agent in India:
Mr. Sankar S. Sivaraman, Resident Coordinator
# 5 Lalitha Nivas,
4/11 Leith Castle Centre Street
Chennai 600 028, India
Phone: 91-44-24618597
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