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Products we supply:

Audio/Photo/Video:  CCTV, Portable Audio Systems, Digital Cameras/Camcorders, Projectors, Recorders, Video Displays, Conferencing Equipment, Multimedia equipment and supplies.

Computer Systems: Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, ID Card Systems

Computer Peripherals: Printers/Multipurpose Units, Plotters, Storage, Memory Devices, Monitors, Accessories

Fiber Optic: Systems, Cables and Accessories

Networking: Bridges/Routers, Concentrators/Multiplexers, Hubs/Switches, Modems, Network Accessories, Network Adapters, Network Cables, Repeaters/Transceivers, Cables,  and Accessories

Power Systems: Power Protection, UPS, Generators, Chargers, Battery Systems, Cables

Miscellaneous: Money Counters, Geiger Counters

Please contact us for further information.

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