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Exim Group, with its technology partners worldwide, provides Information Technology consulting services:

Business Process Outsourcing: Expertise and experience to help companies transform their businesses into efficient and productive units, using current advanced technologies to achieve solid business results for your IT outsourcing requirements, with our partners in India.

Customer Relationship Management: Create and maintain long-term, cost effective and profitable relationships with all your customers, for marketing, information management, sales, service, and support.

Enterprise Application Integration: Create and manage application integration and infrastructure interoperability for dynamic, fast changing global requirements.

Enterprise Solutions: Evaluate, develop, deliver and maintain comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Hosting Services: Provide high performance and robust Internet/Intranet Solutions for knowledge management and portal development that deliver results for you and your clients.

Security Services: Address all aspects of the corporate enterprise to ensure total protection and to deliver robust security.

Supply Chain Management: Develop strategies for internal cost reduction and efficient collaboration across your supply chain network.

Please contact us for evaluating your requirements.

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